Hello and Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year!!!

It has been a couple of months since my last post so I have been writing for a little bit to get a couple of them up. 2016 was such a busy year filled with so many gorgeous Brides, I am amazed at how each year I am still blown away at every wedding. I certainly see a shift in the style of dresses especially in the last year. There is still the classic look dress, but I feel people are definitely steering away and being a bit more adventurous. I love it. I know I always say it, but I am so grateful to be able to do this work and call it my career, I am in makeup 8 years now and coming from a background of sitting behind a desk from 9-5, I honestly couldn't imagine doing anything else now other than packing my bag and setting off to beautify a bridal party !!!

Just a few of last years lovelies.

I also had to a couple of fun outings this year, it was such an honor to meet the makeup maestro Charlotte Tilbury, she was visiting Dublin and had an event in Brown Thomas that I was lucky to go to, we chatted for a few mins - she told me I didn't need to wear makeup with my skin ( lucky for her she has not seen me without makeup on lol ) but she was full of charm and wit and totally down to earth. I am adoring her products especially her lipsticks, I am adding more and more of her products to my kit all of the time.

I also attended 2 MAC master events with Lesley Keane and Terry Barber. I have been to quite a few of these now and they are always great to go to, getting the low down on all the new products etc. In May I went to London to IMATS, which I have to say was just fantastic! It is the International Makeup Artist Trade Show, and literally blows every other beauty trade show out of the water. It was fantastic and I cannot wait to go again!!

I also worked on a spread for the Spring issue of Confetti which is out now. You can see the blog post from those few days here.

A new campaign with Glenisk and The Nakedblondie, previous post here.

I worked with Dr. Pixie McKenna for RTE’s ‘Should have called a doctor ‘ which I thoroughly enjoyed. She was great craic and full of character.

I was delighted to be a shortlisted for the Mrs2be awards for another year.

The year nicely came to an end with the news that I had become a finalist for the prestigious WeddingsonlineAwards which are due to take place in a few weeks. I am delighted to have even made it this far. So it is had definitely been another fun filled year.

Here's to 2017, let it be a great one for us all.

Lots of love,